Linha de Cascais

The coast of Cascais is the birthplace of Portuguese surf and probably the area with the highest concentration of surfers in the country.

This coastline goes from the Abano Beach to the Carcavelos Beach and has several beach breaks and reef breaks with different wave setups for different types of surfers.

In São Pedro do Estoril, you can surf a long right hand, very good for the longboard. To the East, in the Parede Beach, you will find a perfect wave for SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surfing).

The best beach in the coast of Cascais is undoubtedly Carcavelos. It is a world-class beach break in a sand bottom where you can have great days riding amazing barrels.

You may stay close to Lisbon, in a more urban-like environment, or choose Guincho Beach and enjoy a breathtaking natural scenery.

GUINCHO BEACH. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Lisbon area. To reach it take the Guincho Road that follows the coastline from the village of Cascais to this area of ​​dunes. Very exposed to the northern winds, the beach has a rather good swell, very consistent waves and is always crowded.

SAN PEDRO BEACH. The first surf spot in Portugal and also the birthplace of the first Portuguese surf club. Its consistent right hand is the delight of longboarders.

CARCAVELOS.  A world-class wave and undoubtedly the most crowded surf spot in the whole Lisbon area. Good conditions for surf teaching. Some days, you can enjoy one of the best barrels in Europe. Some of the best Portuguese surfers of the last few years began surfing here.

SANTO AMARO.  One of the best waves in the Lisbon region. A difficult one, too, with a step in the middle of the transition section between the outside and the inside. Not very consistent, but it improves with the high tide. In a good day, the water is crowded.

PAÇO DE ARCOS.  Basically, a wave for bodyboarders. It is well known for being ridden from the inside to the outside, because it hits the pier and produces an outside wave. Further to the right there is a right hand point break.