One of the most iconic surf spots in Portugal and in Europe. Nearly eight kilometers of coastline with excellent conditions for all kinds of surfers.

Thanks to its outstanding conditions, Ericeira has become a surfing haven.

Here you will find waves as the Coxos in the Dois Irmãos Bay, one of the best right hand point breaks in the world, and the mythical Ribeira d’Ilhas wave, long and perfect for improving your surfing skills. The dreaded Cave wave requires a high technical level and above all a good amount of courage.

Ericeira also has some sand bottom beaches ideal for beginners as well as days of small swell for whoever wants no more than to enjoy fun waves.

Ericeira is a World Surf Reserve and undoubtedly a not to be missed world-class spot.

RIBEIRA D’ILHAS. One of the most iconic surf beaches in Portugal and the first to host a surf championship, Ribeira D’Ilhas is the best known spot in Ericeira. A very long wave, easier to ride than its neighbours but demanding a long paddle out. Very consistent, you can surf it almost all year round, even with a small swell. It hosted several world, European and national championships. To the north, just after Ribeira D’Ilhas, there are two point breaks: Pedra Preta and Pontinha (a right hand with a very narrow takeoff peak).

PRAIA GRANDE. Consistent waves with three peaks: “piscina” (close to the hotel swimming pool), “meio” (in the middle of the beach) and “dead men’s left hand” in the southern part. Crowded in the summer.

REEF (EMPA BEACH). A dangerous right hand demanding a good knowledge of the spot and of the entry and exit points. This powerful and fast barrel wave breaks in a shallow boulder. When it gets big, it doesn’t allow for great figures but provides large tubes. A very narrow peak demanding especial attention at takeoff.

PEDRA BRANCA (EMPA BEACH). A left hand with an almost perfect break due to the rocky bottom (although there is also some sand). Only for seasoned surfers. Pedra Branca hosted a world championship final.