Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica, a long line of sand facing the Atlantic with different waves every day of the year.

There is a wide range of waves to choose from: you can start at Cova do Vapor, with heavier and more demanding waves, or go south to the beaches near the city and surf in crowded waters between the piers.

In more than 15 kilometers of sand bottom beaches, you can find many kinds of waves. And one beach may feature excellent barrels one month and nothing but mellow waves the next month. Usually the southernmost waves are more easy to ride and in days of big swell it is in Fonte da Telha that you can find the right peak.

Costa da Caparica offers you the opportunity to find the right peak as well as to see and ride new waves.

COVA DO VAPOR.  The strongest and probably the best of all the waves of Costa da Caparica. Hollow, fast… and always crowded.

CDS BEACH.  This is the most central beach in all of the Costa da Caparica (CDS being the Portuguese acronym for Surf Sport Center). It has long been the most renowned beach in the area and a meeting place for surfers. The quality of the wave is always very dependent on sand movements and bottom stability with the peaks changing year after year due to changes in the bottom profile.

BARBAS BEACH.  A central beach in Costa da Caparica named after a well known local restaurant. Quite similar to the CDS beach. The waves are more protected when compared with the beaches of São João.

NOVA BEACH.  Similar to the CDS and Barbas beaches. Compared with other beaches of Costa da Caparica, it can stand strong winds with little effect on the wave quality due to the protection of the piers. Thus, the main factor is the quality of the bottom and how it determines the way the wave rolls.