Carcavelos, the biggest beach in the Lisbon-Cascais coast has an extensive sand line and is dominated by the magnificent Fort of São Julião da Barra, built in the 16th century to defend the Tagus mouth from enemy ships.

Carcavelos is one of the most sought surf spots in the Great Lisbon and has witnessed the birth of several professional surfers that came to this beach to practice in its famous fast hollow waves.

In any season of the year, the Carcavelos beach is a meeting place for families, friends and sportspeople that make it even more attractive and with a unique atmosphere.

Whatever the reason for you to visit this beach – to brave the waves, meditate, read, play football or volleyball or enjoy a meal with a panoramic view – be sure not to miss the magnificent sunsets.

Forget your daily routine, turn off your phone and, for a few minutes, let yourself dive into the contagious atmosphere of this wonderful beach.


In the Paço de Arcos station (just a 3 minute walk from the hostel) take the train towards Cascais. After a 6 minute trip (you should jump two stations) get off in the Carcavelos station. The beach is a 10 minute walk from the station.


Surf, bodyboard, paddling and walks by the sea


Restaurants and bars

In Carcavelos, you will find a wide choice of establishments, including restaurants offering from traditional Portuguese food to Italian, Indian or Japanese cuisine, among others. Check out our favourites.

Pizzaria Capricciosa. This is a chain with several restaurants in the Lisbon area, but only two, in Carcavelos and Cascais, are close to the sea. Naturally, the menu offers a variety of pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven (with or without cheese and tomato sauce) and pastas as well as salads, steaks and other typical Italian dishes.

A Pastorinha. A restaurant with a classic and elegant atmosphere and an outstanding service. The highlights are the fresh fish, the shellfish rice, the excellent wine list and the dessert buffet. Please note that the prices of lunch menus on weekdays are significantly lower than prices charged at dinner or on weekends.

Caseiro Praia. Renowned for its coal-grilled meat and fish and also by the freshness of the seafood. All in generous servings and respecting the traditions of the true Portuguese cuisine. If you are not very hungry of if you are having one or two appetisers, a serving may be sufficient for two.

Casa da Praia. This is not a restaurant but a bar offering light meals and snacks. Try the clams or the scrambled eggs with Portuguese smoked sausages together with a caipirinha.

Bar dos Gémeos. It is said that here you can drink the best hot chocolate in all of the Lisbon-Cascais coast, so creamy that if you stick your spoon on it, it stays upright. The chocolate and a friendly service are halfway to a perfect afternoon end on the Carcavelos beach.

Artisani. This house offers Italian recipe ice creams to suit all tastes and preferences, including light flavours, gluten free, lactose-free and without egg-yolk. You can also go for the wafers or the sweet crepes. The best will be to try everything in different opportunities.

RIO’S. A modern and welcoming space located in the Oeiras marina that works as bar and restaurant. The menu is rich in suggestions inspired by the Mediterranean fusion cuisine.